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Sun Paradise

The Company

Trend Masters Sdn. Bhd., incorporated in Malaysia in 1993, specialises in the importation and retail of a wide assortment of sports goods and equipment. Exclusive representations are anchor brands Arena and Kettler. Our HQ Location is Lot 8, Jalan PJS 11/18, Bandar Sunway 46150 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia. Besides Sun Paradise chain of boutiques, Trend Masters also owns and operates a chain of KETTLER Retail Outlets that offer sports / fitness products and equipment from established international brands such as JKexer, Horizon, Tempo, Vito and LP Support. Visit the website www.fitnessequipment.com.my  for more information.

The mission of the company is to propagate healthy living through sports and fitness while availing for high-quality, up-to-date and performance-oriented products and equipment.


The Boutiques

Sun Paradise is a swimwear boutique chain owned by Trend Masters Sdn. Bhd. The first outlet was opened in Kuala Lumpur in 2001. Today there are 12 Sun Paradise swimwear boutiques spread throughout Malaysia. You will also find Sun Paradise boutiques in Singapore, Jakarta and Bali.

Step into a destination for fashionable recreational and competition swimwear. Sun Paradise is the first comprehensive aquatic wear and accessories chain of its kind in South-East Asia. We bring you the best in recreational and competitive water sports wear from Japanese and Australian designers. Our range of superb wears and accessories have been caringly created for men, women, boys and girls.

"Attire makes the person". Whether you desire swimsuits, swimming trunks, half spads (jammers), surf wear, beach wear, footwear, goggles or related accessories & equipment, Sun Paradise chain of boutiques is a convenient and resourceful shopping destination. Auguring in sports and recreation, premier brands, among others, retailed by Sun Paradise are notably: Arena, Sunseeker and Tabata.

It's about looking good, feeling good and performing brilliantly to meet the occasion. Reward yourself with the best fabrics and designs.











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